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Harlene has gained the well-earned reputation of providing her legal services with a personalized and caring approach, and always being responsive and attentive to her clients. Harlene provides personalized solutions, financial counseling (before, during and after bankruptcy), and is an aggressive legal advocate for her clients.

"You have been more of a confidant than an attorney. We have been unsteady towards this vicissitude, and you have remained cordial, and professionally pleasant. We thank God for the expertise and care you are displaying on our behalf."
– Chapter 7 Clients

"My husband and I were referred to Harlene through a dear friend of ours who is our business lawyer. Harlene is amazing! We highly recommend her and her firm. At our first meeting Harlene was very quickly able to understand our complicated financial situation. She listened carefully and she gave an accurate assessment of where we were vis-a-vis the bankruptcy process. Her advice was consistently pertinent and on target. Harlene is very down to earth and easy to work with and she made a very difficult and emotional situation much easier to bear. We really appreciated how she held our hands throughout, explained a complicated process in an easy to understand manner, and made us smile when we were stressed. In the end, our bankruptcy went about as well as it could have and our desired outcomes were achieved. We were thrilled to have Harlene on our side."
– Business and Personal Chapter 7 Clients

"Thank you for the update. I am so impressed with your proactive demeanor. I like the way you work."
– Business Financial Workout Client

"Over the last 20+ years I have worked with Harlene and many of her clients. I can say without any reservation that she is a true professional, she is highly ethical, compassionate about her clients, very smart and exceptionally wise. Every person I have spoken to who has been represented by Harlene have been effusive in their praise of her as an attorney and as a human being. I cannot more strongly recommend her as your attorney.”
– Client Referral Attorney

"I just want to THANK YOU for all that you do. Finding you is a blessing and we are so grateful for your time, clarification, communication and ability to take us through this difficult process means the world to us."
– Chapter 13 Clients

"Having had past experiences with other bankruptcy attorneys, I can whole-heartedly say that Harlene is the absolute best at what she does and is extraordinarily caring. I have seen firsthand that her reputation as a knowledgeable and caring attorney is well earned. It is refreshing to see such a good attorney who really cares about her clients."
– Chapter 7 Client

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